What is "Ken's Club?"

Ken's Club is a place to advance your bridge game, with the assistance of Ken Eichenbaum as your mentor. Mr. Eichenbaum currently is enrolling students in the "Ken's Club Daily Email Club," which is an on-line bridge service done via email. All of you who join “Ken's Club” will receive the following:

1. A daily analysis of selected hands, two-three per day, Monday through Friday, with tips on bidding, play of the hand, and defense. The analyses will be quite detailed, with special attention paid to principles to help guide you in your thinking, but also including special treatments and conventions to assist you.

2. All members will have the privilege of sending any personal questions to Mr. Eichenbaum concerning any bridge problems they encounter. He will email back answers to all these personal questions. What went wrong at your table? He will try and sort it out for you. It's like having your own personal bridge teacher on call!

What is the cost for becoming a member? The cost for this service is a mere $25 per month, less than $1 per day to have the ear of your own personal pro! "I know of no other bridge teacher who has any offer like this!"

For details, you can email Ken at: keichenbaum@insight.rr.com

Ken's Club is also a great place to find books published by Ken Eichenbaum, including previous classics,as well as new releases not yet available except through the Ken's Club website. Check out the "book store" below.

About Ken

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Emerald Life Master in ACBL. Bridge Author. Books: Winners, Losers and cover Cards (2010); Bridge Without a Partner (1993 and 2nd Ed. TBA); Keys to Winning Defense (2nd Ed. 2010); What Do I Bid Now? (1999). Articles: Sandwiches With Condiments (With Ken Rexford, Bridge World, 2003). Plays: The Wizard of Odds (1978); Annie Count Your Trumps (1984). Bridge Teacher and Guest Lecturer. Professional Bridge Player. keichenbaum@insight.rr.com

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bridge Without a Partner

Mr. Eichenbaum's new bridge comedy is now available from ebooks bridge, a Master Point Press publication:


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Books Available!

I am pleased to be able to offer all five of my ebooks for sale. (See "book store", or contact me by email for details).

First, my new book, "Winners, Losers and Cover Cards" can be purchased directly from me.

Second, I am also releasing as a special offer through http://www.kensclubbridge.blogspot.com/, my latest book, "Keys to Winning Defense."

Third, I have now completed the New Edition of "Bridge Without a Partner", my classic bridge comedy.

Fourth, "Let's Bid a Slam!" is a new release, featuring methods and judgement concerning slam bidding, with fifty real deals analyzed in that context.

My fifth book, hot off the press, is for intermediate and advanced players, "Basic Two Over One."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winners, Losers and Cover Cards

Ken Eichenbaum's new book is available at http://www.ebooksbridge.com/.  Check it out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Winners, Losers, and Cover Cards

Ken Eichenbaum is honored and pleased to announce that his new book, Winners, Losers, and Cover Cards, will be the first book released by Masterpoint Press through its new Honors Ebook series.  The book will release sometime early next week and will be found at http://www.ebooksbridge.com/

From the back cover:

You began by learning to count points, but that only got you so far. Then, someone introduced you to a new idea, Losing Trick Count. Better in theory, sure. But how do you use it? A response shows at least 6 high-card points, but how many losers? How many of these mysterious ‘cover cards’? What’s the range? Plus, something just seems wrong with the whole thing! How can A 3 2 be just as good as Q 3 2? That cannot be right!

Counting Goren high-card points is much easier, and is a very reasonable gauge for bidding square hands. When things start to get distributional, however, you know that you need a better way to evaluate your hand. The concept of winners, losers, and cover cards really seems to be the right path, allowing you to escape from counting points into the world of counting TRICKS!

In Winners, Losers and Cover Cards, Ken Eichenbaum reveals not only the secrets an expert would use to better evaluate the real power (or weakness) of your hand, but also how to use this knowledge to your advantage in a myriad number of ways. The author explains a fresh take on popular conventions and treatments, within the context of real auctions facing you at the table, and introduces novel methods, allowing you to maximize the benefit of your new understanding.